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Our Products

Sky Medical is offering the following products under its CE mark certificate:

BP set simple.jpg
Physiology pressure transducer sets

We offer full product portfolio for invasive blood pressure monitoring addressing any invasive pressure monitoring procedure in ICU , O.R. and during interventional cardiology.

The sets provide continuous and accurate measurement of physiological pressure and determination of other hemodynamic parameters. Our pressure transducer is fully integrated with flush device and 3-way stopcock, our sets vary from single to triple channel transducers, color coded tubing, color coded stopcocks, needle-free access for blood sampling and closed systems with blood reservoir. Customized sets according to the clinical procedure and the hospital demands are available.

Total Parenteral Nutrition sets

We offer multi access infusion and nutrition lines that are designed for efficient, safe and precise drug delivery for neonates. Addressing the challenges in drug delivery for neonates, we managed to create full sets portfolio that includes multi line sets, nutrition sets with filters, needle free and check valves. Our sets include full UV photosensitive tubing and filters according to the last EU drug delivery regulations.

The multi access sets are supplied pre-assembled in order to prevent the risk of cross contamination and well as reducing the risk of error. The sets are designed for with low priming volumes and for minimizing the drug interaction for reducing the chance of medication error, all those features to secure patient safety.

Contrast media delivery sets

Our radiology fluid delivery product portfolio includes wide product range that covers devices for interventional radiology and cardiology. The product portfolio includes high-pressure manifold & stopcocks, high pressure injection lines in different configurations, pre-assembled manifolds sets that includes high pressure lines, monitoring lines, contrast saver and pressure transducers. We are offering as well contrast media delivery sets for various Radiology procedures as MRI and CT.

IV adult.jpg
Fluid transfer sets, connecting lines and administration sets

The product portfolio of infusion and oncology preparation systems includes dedicated products and system for Oncology and pharmacy preparations, mixing and patient IV administration. We offer customized sets solutions that includes needle-free valves, IV filters, UV photosensitive tubing in different configuration. The product line consist of infusion stopcocks and manifolds sets assembly.

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